BI ERASMUs+ Lithuania (Day 3)

When we woke up we went to have breakfast just like we had done the other days. At 9.30 we started working on our podcast script that we had started the day before. However, this time we focused on writing a catchy start and end.

After about one hour of work, we visited the ministry of defense, where an exstudent from the Lithuanian school that worked there gave us a talk about the war in Ukraine. She was able to show us another side of the war from a far more personal point of view than what we had heard before. Afterwards, we got time to ask questions, what gave us a deeper understanding of the conflict.

At midday, we had lunch at a vegan restaurant that we ended up liking a lot. While we were there, it started raining (once again). After lunch, we went to the MO museum, which is focused on modern art. It was very insightful because we got to learn a bit more about Lithuania’s background and history. Moreover, we also got to see a photography exposition about the Roma community.

When we left the museum, we bumped into some of the girls from Denmark, and we decided to go to a prision where stranger things had been filmed. Even though when we got there, they didn’t let us in, it was still interesting to see it from outside. Next, since we were pretty far away from the hotel and the place where we had to have dinner altogether, we decided to rent some electric scooters, which was really fun. 

After taking a walk through the city for a bit longer, it was time to go have dinner with everyone from the Erasmus. The teachers had booked a restaurant for us, and we had a big part of the restaurant all to ourselves. There, we mixed up between countries to be able to talk to people we might not have met. We also played the game of broken telephone in all the languages that we knew: English, German, Spanish, Polish…

Finally, before heading to the hotel in order to pack our bags for the next day, we decided to go take a walk with some of the Lithuanian and Polish girls, which just made us a bit more tired and allowed us to fall asleep much quicker.

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