Learning by projects and educational innovation

The 4 Voramar pillars: VoraPro, I&D, Crealabs and Tools&Skills

The VorapPro are structured and multidisciplinary projects that promote globalized learning. Starting from a challenge or question, the students will have to build knowledge and put into play basic competences of the different areas. The VoraPro are projects with a real purpose that seek to generate an impact on the environment or on the educational community.

Included in the VoraPro category, we find the “Sea Project”, a multi-stage project that arises from the school’s connection to its closest environment, the sea. The sea opens the door for us to work in many different ways and at different levels. From P3 to 2 of high school students will deepen and experiment around aspects that have to do with the environment and with natural sciences, with economic activity, with social sciences, with technological development, with the artistic and literary field and with physical education.

I+D (Interests and Development) includes all those activities or proposals that aim to capture the interests, concerns and motivations of students, with the aim of offering an educational action that suits their needs and that allows them to develop to the maximum your personal capabilities.
The CreaLabs are creation spaces that promote discovery and active experience. They are spaces for relationship, coexistence and communication where it is possible to share and build knowledge with children of different age groups. Articulated from challenges, the CreLabs generate learning scenarios that invite students to put into practice certain abilities or skills in order to answer the questions posed.
Tools and Skills refers to all those aptitudes and skills that students need to be able to grow personally and advance in the construction of learning and that require a more systematic work to be able to develop.