Summer activities provide us with new experiences outside of our daily environment and offer us the opportunity to generate a new perspective on the world around us, generating new relationships with other children of different ages.

The AFA and the school organize the summer camp, the casal jove and the summer camps.

Summer camp

The Voramar summer house is a leisure proposal structured by a center of interest

Through play, imagination and experimentation, children interact, team up, coexist and learn. We immerse ourselves in an adventure that serves as an excuse to have challenges every day and goals every week, growing the interest and motivation of children and young people to be creative and critical of the world around them.

Young Summer Camp

The Voramar youth house is designed to enjoy outdoor activities and sports in a totally fun way, taking advantage of all the resources that the summer vacation season provides us.

Summer camps - Colònies

The summer camps last six days (usually the first week of July) from Monday to Saturday.

The main objective is to provide children and young people with a unique living space in contact with nature, promoting personal autonomy and self-knowledge. Know the territory and its values, promote the ability to discover, enjoying activities, interrelation, coexistence and friendship, favoring group cohesion and cooperative work, living a unique, exciting and extraordinarily significant experience in its development personal.