1. Ownership of the school: The Voramar Private Foundation’s Board. The Board has the highest representation of the ownership of the school and as such, defines the identity and educational style of the center, manages the school and has the ultimate responsibility before the Administration and the various levels that make up the educational community.

    It is made up mainly of families and/or former students of the school.

  2. Delegate Commission: The Executive Committee is appointed by the Foundation’s Board and is entrusted with the specific exercise of some of the functions of the Board.

  3. Management team: The objective of the management team is to promote, give cohesion and continuity to the educational action carried out in the different stages of the center.

  4. Faculty members: The objective of the teaching staff is to participate in the control and management of the organization of educational activities and all the educational aspects of the center.

  5. Administration and services:He is part of the educational community, his work is necessary and essential in carrying out all the activities that the school offers to families.