About us

Voramar Foundation

Voramar is a non-profit foundation created in 1966 by local families with a vocation for public service.

We are a semi-private Catalan school, which orients its actions to the current and necessary values ​​of society that calls for people with an open, multicultural, respectful, caring, committed and caring mind, capable of understanding and transforming society.

Future-oriented education

The Voramar school project develops an education with the future in mind, fostering a feeling of belonging within the local community while at the same time understanding the importance of an international vision.

We participate in national and international projects in which innovation is promoted. This participation enables us to voice/express our concerns, learn from each other, share experiences and develop professionally through a continuous learning process; all this without forgetting our main motivation to build a student centred holistic educational model where all the students’ needs are met.

The Board of the foundation is made up of parents from Voramar, former parents and former students, and others who have a connection with and are committed to the school. All members collaborate voluntarily and altruistically. The operation of the board is governed by the legal framework of Foundations of the Generalitat of Catalonia.