lunch time

The midday space is a service that the school offers to all those students who choose to stay for lunch. It includes the accompaniment by the educators in the dining room, in the playground and the offer of midday activities with specialized workshops.

Kitchen and dining room service

At Voramar we have our own kitchen in which the menus for all the students are prepared following the guidelines of the Generalitat’s health department and always reviewed by a specialized nutritionist. Each month the menus are reviewed by the dining committee to adapt it to the needs and preferences of our community.

Midday activities included in the price

The midday activities are designed to reinforce and expand the educational offer of the school in the most artistic and cultural areas. These activities are offered at no additional cost and are carried out by the students.

In ESO, the study room is offered at noon as a quiet space for those students who want to take advantage of them to advance tasks, read or carry out quiet activities.