Assessment in the International Baccalaureate

The assessment is performed following strict IB requisites, hitherto guaranteeing the program’s homogeneousness on a global scale.


Along with the two courses, the students perform various assessment activities in each subject with a trimestral internal assessment in order to follow the students’ progress.

Final assessment

The students have an option of taking the final exams in one or two SL subjects, but this option is only recommendable to the ones with highly developed studying skills and solid previous knowledge in the given subjects.


The school’s exam language is Spanish, but the students can opt for Spanish, English or French as each subject’s exam language (apart from Group 1, Literature).


The final assessment is composed of two parts. The first one is an internal assessment weighing up to 20% or 25% of a total mark, and it is assessed by the school teachers.


The second part is the external assessment performed in the month of May in the school’s facilities and is assessed by external IB exam correctors. Its weighting is between 75% and 80%.