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Did you know Chinese people celebrated the beginnig of the New Year just some days ago?

We were talking about it during our English workshops after lunch, and yes.... this is our year!! Most of us were born in 2005 and as you probably know, the Chinese horoscope isn’t regulated by the month, but the year you were born. Well, so 2017 is the year of the rooster again. And, what are “ rooster people” like? Look, we are a lot of things, but all of them very good: we are proud, but we have a good heart, we are sociable and sincere and we always keep our word.

Anyway, we hope this year is so lucky for everyone. Just in case, we made a Chinese dragon, the most appreciated animal these days of celebration.

Here you have some photos to see the results.

Ja sabeu que l’any nou xinès va començar tot just fa uns dies?

A l’activitat de migdia d’anglès en vam estar parlant i resulta que aquest ...... és el nostre any!! La major part de nosaltres vam néixer l’any 2005 i com ja deveu saber, l’horòscop xinès no es regeix pel  mes, sinó per l’any. Bé, doncs l’any 2017 torna a ser l’any del Gall. I, com diuen que som els galls ( roosters)? Doncs mireu, moltes coses i totes bones: som orgullosos, però de bon cor, som oberts i sincers i sempre fem allò que prometem.

Esperem que, sigui com sigui, aquest any  passi ple de sort per a tothom. Nosaltres,  per si de cas, vam construir un drac xinès, l’animal més valorat en aquests dies de celebració del nou any.

Us en deixem unes fotos on podeu veure com ens va quedar.


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