What will you do after ESO?​

Get your international baccalaureate diploma. A model that prioritizes critical thinking and personalized education. Get your pass for the best universities in the world. For students from 16 to 18 years old.

International baccalaureate

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The international baccalaureate does not prepare exclusively to pass exams, but rather encourages students to develop academically, intellectually, ethically and emotionally. The BI aims to train people who are inquisitive, integral and with an open, supportive and reflective mentality.

Why the International Baccalaureate (IB)? ​

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is taught in more than 4,000 schools and 140 countries. The IB offers an academic breadth and depth that favors access to the university, both national and international, private and public.

Why the BI in Voramar?​

We are a center with more than 55 years of history with a faculty focused on the development of our students. And in addition, we complete the training with real projects from the UPF, the UPC, stays abroad, etc…


No. Catalan and Spanish are the vehicular languages, although as is the case at other stages in school, there is a natural use of the International Baccalaureate languages (English, Spanish and French). Many of the IB resources and materials are in other languages. Students can decide if they will take the external exams in Spanish, English or French (except for the literature exam, which will be done in the language studied: Catalan for students taking Catalan literature and self-taught literature in the language chosen)

It is not so much a workload, but BI represents an intellectual challenge unlike anything that has been done up to now. In itself, the Baccalaureate studies are more demanding than those of ESO; but the IB methodology, based on globalized learning and project work, makes the student live the experience and study with high motivation, making it easier for them to meet the challenges that arise in an enjoyable and attractive way. It should be noted that the International Baccalaureate does not require a double IB/LOMCE degree, freeing the student from the study load, which allows a favorable administration and organization of time to combine studies with other fronts of his life as a young person.

In the case of admission to Catalan public universities, with the IB title, you have validated the general PAAU tests and only the tests of the specific PAAU part should be taken, if applicable. The school will accompany the student throughout the pre-registration process at the university.

Baccalaureate in VORAMAR

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